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     If you receive a traffic ticket, do not pay the fine. As a result of paying the fine you may receive points on your driving record. Points lead to higher insurance rates and can even result in your driver's license being suspended or even revoked. We can handle most traffic violations without you ever going to court.

Below is a list of common point values according the Bureau of Motor vehicles in December 2017:

(1) 1-15 mph over the speed limit                               2 point violation

(2) 16-25 mph over the speed limit                             4 point violation 

(3) 26+ mph over the speed limit                                6 point violation

(4) Failure to use headlights                                       2 point violation

(5) No brake or turn signal                                          2 point violation

(6) Disregard stop/yield sign                                       6 point violation

(7)‚Äč Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle               8 point violation

(8) Improper U-turn                                                     4 point violation

(9) Following too closely                                             6 point violation

(10) Unsafe lane movement                                       4 point violation

(11) Failure to yield                                                     6 point violation

(12) Speed contest on road (racing)                           8 point violation

(13) Driving while suspended                                     8 point violation